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Padel Vibe Courts

Padel Vibe Courts

Grab a partner and get active!

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We have recently developed 4 brand new Padel Tennis Courts at the Kyalami Country Club. Padel tennis is the fastest growing sport in the world. It is a dynamic sport that takes the best parts of Tennis and Squash and creates something more – More fun, more action, more social. Padel is predominantly a doubles game played on an astroturf court that is 20 metres x 10 metres and enclosed on all sides by walls. The walls enable players to play shots off the glass as long as the ball has only bounced once. The game is played with a stringless padel which has many benefits for the Padel player. The Padel is closer to the hand, making hand-eye co-ordination more intuitive. It also does not have a rim or edge which anyone who has played tennis can be a great frustration leading to shots going wrong. CHAT TO THE PADEL TEAM 063 121 0847

Padel Courts

4 x Top technology Padel courts are available for play 7 days a week. Get involved!

Padel Shop

We have a fully equipped Padel retail store and hire units available for all your needs. A change room, restaurant and kids play area also offer a family entertainment space.

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Padel Vibe

Benefits of Padel Tennis

Padel is a great cardio workout – an hour can burn approx. 610 calories
Longer rallies – more action
Conversation is easy – more social
Easier on the joints
Easy to learn – Simple and familiar
Strategy wins points not strength and power
Family game – all ages and abilities